Looking at the GotaGoGama protests as a learning curve for Sri Lanka

GotaGoGama did not just provide a springboard to oust a president

Image taken at the GotaGoGama Library via Pranith Wirasinha/Groundviews, used with permission.

GotaGoGama offered not just an education in political science, economics, human rights and history but also on concepts such as communication and acceptance, all marked by an immersive experience, an essential in any educational space.

There lies the test for Sri Lanka now, a month after GotaGoGama came to a close. It begs the question of how its ideas have taken root in the minds of the thousands who engaged with this space of learning and how much thinking has been done about this learning. It is an important question to ponder when we celebrate an over 90 percent literacy rate. How has the ability to engage with learning (through reading and writing primarily) affected our view on committing to the country we would like to see at the end of this tunnel?


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