Meet Robert Obiri, a digital strategist working with the Fante dialect

Robert Obiri is bringing the Fante dialect into digital spaces.

Image courtesy Robert Obiri.

As part of our ongoing series highlighting the work of activists promoting African languages in digital spaces, we would like to feature digital strategist Robert Obiri (@robertjamal12) from Ghana. Much of Robert's work focuses on making the Fante dialect of the Twi language from Ghana more prominent in online spaces, such as the Fante Wikimedia Community, which Robert cofounded. Rising Voices recently interviewed Robert Obiri by email to learn more about his perspectives on his language finding its place in online spaces.

Rising Voices (RV): Please tell us about yourself and your language-related work.

RV: What is the current state of your language, both online and offline?

RV: What are your motivations for seeing your language present in digital spaces?

RV: Describe some of the challenges that prevent your language from being fully utilized online

RV: What concrete steps do you think can be taken to encourage younger people to begin learning their language or keep using their language?


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